Tips for Buying a Used Mini Convertible

The Mini Convertible – a convertible version of the Mini Hatch hatchback car – first went on sale in 2004. It is well known as a fun car to own and to drive, as well as being a style icon which many people regard as something of a fashion statement, meaning plenty of kerb appeal. Buyers interested in picking up a used Mini Convertible should not have too much trouble finding a nice example in good condition and for a reasonable price. The engine is well made and has a good reputation for mechanical reliability, and the overall build quality for this vehicle is high. There are, however, a few things that are worth looking out for when searching for a used Mini convertible to buy.

Oil leakage is one of the most common problems that you will want to avoid. Apart from looking at and around the engine for signs of oil there are two signs that you should be looking for. The first of these is a whining sound from the transmission, and the second is a rattling sound at low revs which may indicate that the oil has run dry at some point in the past – a strong indication that there is (or at least has been) a leak.

A rattling sound at the higher end of the rev range might be a sign that the timing chain needs tensioning, or that the hydraulic tappets need to be replaced.

If you are looking at a Cooper S model then it is a good idea to listen out for odd sounds when the steering is at full lock. If you hear something out of the ordinary then this could be a sign of worn diff bearings. You should also try turning the steering from full lock on one side right across to full lock on the other side while you are parked up. If you do this and hear a banging sound then there is a good chance that the car has a problem with the universal joint, which can be an expensive fault to put right on the Mini Convertible car.