The Pros and Cons of Buying a New Mini Convertible

Choosing which car to buy is a big decision and so it is something that you should put plenty of thought into rather than rushing into a quick decision and then regretting it later. But, having said that, the emotional impact that a car has on you is a big part of the equation when it comes to weighing up the pros and cons of whether or not to buy a particular model such as the Mini Convertible. It is no good buying a car which ticks all of the right boxes on paper, but which you are not at all excited about owning. A car costs a lot of money, so you want it to have an emotional as well as a practical appeal.

The Mini convertible is certainly one car that is capable of having a strong emotional impact on people. The Mini is a truly iconic brand and many people really love these little cars, and it is also true that convertible cars generally appeal to buyers on an emotional level rather than a practical level. If you found this page because you searched for advice on whether or not you should make the decision to go ahead and buy a Mini convertible then I am betting it is because you love the car on an emotional level but are not sure about the practicality.

While it is true that all Mini’s lack storage space, and that this is even more the case for the Convertible, this is not a completely impractical car. The metal roof opens quickly – 15 seconds in total – and you are still afforded good protection from the elements even with the roof opened up. Also this is an economical car to drive, which offers low fuel consumption and lower than average CO2 emissions. Alongside a good reputation for reliability this means the Mini Convertible has a low cost of ownership.