A Brief Guide to the Mini Convertible

Mini cars have always been known as fun little cars to own and to drive, with their unique looks and fun go kart handling, and this is only enhanced by having the extra option to open up the roof in good weather which comes with owning a convertible car. There is nothing better than enjoying the sun on your face and the wind in your hair when driving a convertible car on a warm summer’s day.

The latest Mini Convertible car has nimble and well balanced handling which is accurate and sharp when cornering. If you are looking for performance then the 1.6-litre engine available on the One and Cooper versions of the Mini Convertible can struggle when you try to push it, due to the fact that this model is heavier than many of its siblings, but if you can upgrade to the Cooper S model then you will be buying a car with a supercharger which makes for a much more performance oriented engine and therefore a much improved ability to provide a sporty driving experience.

BMW have chosen to use a hard metal roof rather than a canvas soft top for the Mini Convertible. Many people will appreciate this as a styling choice, as it certainly looks good, but it does mean that the storage space is even more limited at just 120-litres with the roof up. Considerations such as this mean that this car will probably always be seen as a fun choice rather than a practical choice. The roof opens relatively quickly in 15 seconds.

There is one area, however, in which this car does gain high marks for practicality, and that is fuel efficiency and hence also cost of ownership. With the edition of BMW’s Efficient Dynamics technology, including a stop-start engine system which cuts the engine when the car is at a standstill and then fires it up when you hit the accelerator again without you needing to turn the ignition, the latest 175bhp Cooper S variant of the Mini Convertible now has CO2 emissions of just 153g/km, which is down significantly from the 199g/km of CO2 emission on previous models with this engine.

Both manual and automatic transmission options are available for this car, as well as a wide range of option packages for adding extra equipment. Its a big advantage as opposed to buying a used Mini, as you can tailor the car to how you want it. There is also a good range of safety and driver assistance technology available for the Mini Convertible, such as Anti-lock brakes, electronic brake force distribution, cornering brake control and dynamic stability control.